Annual Report 2016

Another year has passed, and the Benchen Free Medical Foundation has now been in existence for 19 years.

The purpose of the association is, as is well known, to raise funds for the free healthcare and medication that is offered to all who visit the Benchen Free Medical Clinic, including the dental and X-ray clinics.

The clinics are situated next to the Benchen Monastery in the Kathmandu Valley. In addition to caring for the residents of the monastery, the clinics are open to local people from all over, who all receive free treatment and medication.The medical clinic is visited by about 30 patients daily.

The dental clinic was founded by the Polish dentist Woitek. During several years, a number of Polish dentists took turns giving treatments a couple of months a year. Later on, the dental clinic was taken over by the Italian foundation Medici per la pace, who sponsored it until November 2016, when we took over the financing.

Karma Dolma, a dentist educated in Poland, works at the clinic three days a week the whole year round together with her dentist's assistant Saru. Twice a week they work at other monasteries with their portable dental equipment. One of their main concerns is to teach children about dental hygiene. In 2016, the clinic performed 1,286 treatments. At present, they are saving up for a dental X-ray machine.

The Benchen Free Medical Clinic also has a branch office in Parphing, a small town situated some 40 kilometres southwest of Kathmandu, where Dr. Tsering has surgery twice a week, attending to a large number of patients. And on the United Nations International Children's Day, he gives free medical care to the street children of Kathmandu, in cooperation with other non-governmental organizations.

The specialist physician works at the clinic once a week, where he treats, or makes referrals for, patients with more complicated needs. Our contributions to the clinic has made it possible for patients with special needs to receive medical care at other health institutions, such as medical examinations, surgical procedures and inpatient care.

A qualified radiologist works at the X-ray clinic twice a week.

In 2016 we received a grant from the Employee's Honorarium Fund of the Novo Group toward the construction of a solar power system, which now is completed and is supplying the clinics with free electricity, making them no longer dependent on the unstable power supply.

Dr. Tsering and the staff at the clinics send you their warmest regards, and so do we.

The board of Benchen Free Medical Foundation Denmark